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ChessGold is the first website, where u can play chess for money.

Yes, registration on our website is free.

The registration form is here.

To complete verification of your account we need:

  • username
  • name
  • e-mail adress
  • password

Sorry, but this is impossible. According to our rules, a person who is willing to play on our website is committed to provide their personal data.

You can contact us via the contact form or directly to our e-mail address.


Our platform respects the rules of FIDE. It is a set of rules that regulates basic issues related to chess. You can read them on this page.

It’s easy! All you need to do to start using our platform is to register – the register form you can find here.

Our platform respects the rules of the FIDE chess. A win occurs in the case of checkmate or voluntary surrender  of the opponent.

This is a method of calculating the strength of chess players, developed by Arpad Elo (a chess player, a scientist and a member of the USCF). In this model, the change of ELO points is directly dependent on how many ELO points has a chess player and his opponent.

The platform has a built-in ELO calculator, which at the time of selection of game partners calculates how much the ranking of each of them will change at the moment of winning, losing and ties. The difference of this ELO change is multiplied by the rate set by the players. Of course, the ELO point gain is my profit and the loss is a loss. Each player before the start of the game knows how much will be the gratification in the game because the calculator knows their current ELO rankings and makes the appropriate calculations. This knowledge allows players to choose an opponent adequate to his state of deposit and… of adrenaline rush.

The rate is the contractual value of 1 point difference ELO expressed in PLN. Players before the game can negotiate rate. Details are presented in the rules.

The minimum rate is 0.1 zł. Once the maximum payout in accordance with the financial regulations may be 1999 zł.

The amount of the maximum rate depends on the value of owned deposit. The bigger the deposit, the higher the rate you can play. The system calculates whether you can afford the potential failure and whether you will have enough funds for your rival with whom you have suffered defeat.

Feel free to go back until the game time has not expired. Otherwise, the system will treat your output as a failure.


Unfortunately, every player may only have one account.

You can deposit funds in the player profile.

You can withdraw them in any time.

You can withdraw your funds in the player profile.

We send funds to your account in three working days!

Withdrawals from your account can be arbitrary.

Yes, our payment operator completes every effort to ensure that deposited funds of users are safe.

Unfortunately, this is forbidden. In our service only the account owner can use it. We care about the security of your account!

The message has been sent to your e-mail address.

Please, rethink your username when creating an account on our website.

Yes, you can change the password in the profile of the player! The “edit profile”.

Nothing happened! The site with the possibility of generating a new password can be found here.

Of course! You can edit information in the player’s profile.


The chess engine is nothing but a computer program used by humans to perform the most optimal movement at a given moment of the game on the chessboard.

The problem is known around the world. Our analysts have worked for a long time to create the right algorithm. After each single game on our platform, it is thoroughly analyzed by our ChesShield system.

A player is immediately marked as a player who used a computer engine. We have carefully made sure that the signs are visible. Thanks to our instant analysis of the game, we are able to detect the game using a computer engine – soon after its completion.

If you are a user who does not want to play games with people who use engines, you can add them to the list “I do not like”. Thanks to that, you can avoid them with a wide arc.

Yes, we think that every player has the right to repair their mistakes. Our signage of a player who has used chess engine at least once appears on such user for about 30 days. After this time, the “motor player” mark disappears unless you use it again. The time is counted from the last detection of program usage.

If you think you have been flagged unfairly, please contact us using the contact form. Your complaint will be reviewed by our experts.


For any technical issues related to the operation of the platform or problems related to the user's account, please contact us via the contact form or a direct email to our address:
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